Open Forum in The Villages, Florida

Open Forum in The Villages Florida - Introduction & Updates

June 09, 2023 Mike Roth Season 4 Episode 0
Open Forum in The Villages, Florida
Open Forum in The Villages Florida - Introduction & Updates
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This is a weekly podcast called  "OPEN FORUM IN THE VILLAGES".
The show will have a new episode every Friday at 9 AM.

This show is a trailer for the series.  Each show will run from 15 - 30 minutes.

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Open Forum in The Villages, Florida is Produced & Directed by Mike Roth
A new episode will be released most Fridays at 9 AM
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Speaker 1:

This is Mike Roth. Welcome to the Open Forum in the Villages podcast. In this show, we're going to talk to leaders in the community, leaders of clubs and interesting folks who live here in the villages to give perspective of what's happening here in the villages and information that I think all villagers should have. This is Mike Roth. I want to welcome you to Open Forum in the Villages. This is a show where I'm going to be talking to leaders here in the villages club leaders, community leaders, political leaders. The idea is to give you, the listener, important information that all villagers should have. I hope to add a new episode every Friday morning at 9 am. In addition, we'll be adding episodes in the middle of the week as important topics come up. That is timely, so always listen to us on your Apple podcast application on your phone, or you can listen to us on Spotify or Amazon music, even on your Alexa by saying Alexa, play podcast. Open Forum in the Villages. During the course of the next several weeks or months, we're going to be featuring important people in the villages, like Don Wiley, who's currently serving as a CCD supervisor and was recently appointed to be a Sumter County supervisor by Governor DeSantis, and we'll hear about his background and why he thinks he should be re-elected to serve on the county commission, and we'll be talking to writers like Linda Keon, who's the head of the Writers League of the Villages. We'll be talking to people like Frank Lancombe, who's a writer. We'll be talking to Hank Coleman, and he's going to teach everyone how to take great photos. Our average show will be about 18 minutes. For those of you who want to listen to extended shows, those subscriptions will be available on Apple podcasts for about $1.99 a month or $19 a year, as well as Spotify through their anchorfm outlet Subscribers paid subscribers will get commercial free episodes as well as early access to shows We're typically recording about a month in advance. We're going to have an extremely successful writer here in the villages in August named Lee Court. She has written over a dozen romance novels. She sold them to publishers who published them commercially, and she's recently written the book called Rockstar, which is her first self-published effort. We're going to be talking about weather and global warming. We have a weatherman with 17 years of experience from the Air Force to talk about that. We have players from the Improvisational Theater Club and Michael Leigh, larry and Rodkin. We're going to be talking about the Old German Car Show on October 15th. This is going to be a good, informative, fun podcast and we'll attempt to keep most of the episodes around that 18-minute mark. I hope you listen. If you have questions, you can always send me an email at mike at wrothvoicecom. Remember, our next episode will air live next Friday at 9 am, or should I say pre-recorded, but that's when it will be released. On our regular subscriptions, bonus subscribers can get early access to episodes. Should you want to become a sponsor of the show, contact me at mikeroth at wrothvoicecom. If you know someone that you think should be on the show, send me an email at mike at wrothvoicecom. I want to thank everyone for listening to the show. The content of the show is copyright by wrothvoice 2022. All rights reserved.